Coping with Autism and Puberty

A family in New York struggles with what to do when an autistic adolescent becomes aggressive.

Filling in the Gaps

In Reno and around the country, community paramedics are providing more care themselves and taking non-emergency patients to facilities other than emergency rooms.

Nowhere to Go

The biggest barrier to treatment for residents of a tiny town in the mountains of Northern California isn’t insurance coverage – it’s distance.  Jeff Clarke, 57, talks about dealing with mental health issues and addiction in the rural town of Hayfork.

Waiting for Medi-Cal

Teresa Martinez, 62, from East Los Angeles is one of about 800,000 people in California waiting for her Medi-Cal card to start scheduling overdue medical appointments for the first time in decades.

Dancing Through the Pain

Ballerinas risk injury and high health care costs every time they perform. Allynne Noelle, 32, principal ballerina with the Los Angeles Ballet, says the Affordable Care Act offers some relief.

The Rise of Pharmacy Clinics

Once limited to filling and dispensing drugs, pharmacists are increasingly providing direct care to patients in California thanks in part to a law that took effect in 2014.

Former Foster Youth Insured Under ACA

Former foster youth in California, like Marcy Valenzuela from Whittier, are eligible for Medi-Cal until age 26 under the federal Affordable Care Act.